Who can resist some statement-making beach jewelry to go with your new resort wear for your winter getaway? Dune’s collection of jewelry, handmade with sand & natural materials from your favorite locations will be sure to turn heads the whole time you’re resting and relaxing. Whether you’re using sand from our Sandbank™ — a collection of sands from exotic faraway beaches — or sand from your favorite local beach, our jewelry is the next best thing to getting those vacations days approved. Here are some of our favorite pieces that go great with resort wear.

Take a Vacation From Yourself with Stacking Cuff Bracelets

Do you not normally wear bracelets? Maybe your usual outfits just don’t go with them or you don’t feel bold enough to pull them off. Resort wear and swimsuits go together perfectly with our collection of stacking cuff bracelets!



Sandbar Sterling Cuff Bracelet


Our elegant Sandbar Cuff is breathtaking on its own, and can even spice up your professional wardrobe when you have to get back to work.


Triangle Sterling Cuff Bracelet

The exquisite Triangle Cuff offers a more mysterious and artistic vibe, which would not only make it ideal to wear with geometric patterns but it’s also great for a sleek and trendy evening look.



Starfish Sterling Cuff Bracelet


The whimsical Starfish Cuff lets the whole world know that you’re a playful beachcomber.

Like most stackables, it’s tough to just have one! Together these bracelets make a really bold statement. And if that’s not your everyday look, it may be just right for a vacation.

Make a Statement with a Cocktail Ring


Sterling Sand Cocktail Ring

Cocktail rings are coming back in style and when you see our gorgeous Sterling Sand Cocktail Ring you’ll want to be a part of this comeback! No matter the outfit, day or night, you’re  going to get noticed with this beauty on your finger. If you like nonstop compliments on what a bold and unique taste in jewelry, then this ring is the one for you!

Get in a Summery Mood with Sand Pendants!



Textured Starfish Necklace

Whether you plan on tackling the waves or relaxing with a good novel under an umbrella, no good beach outfit is complete without the right necklaces. This unique Textured Starfish Necklace is just the accessory for all lovers of aquatic life — it’s no boring sea star.


 Sandbar Necklace on 32in Chain


And if classic elegance is more your style, our Sandbar Necklace on 32in Chain will never go out of style and is perfect for everything from Gatsby lawn parties to sunning on the beach.

Making it through the winter months can be tough. So if you’ve planned a winter getaway to a warm and exotic place, Dune Jewelry is just the thing you need to complete your resort wear looks!


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