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Items 35 Item(s)

2017 Brick & Mortar

There may be no better way to show our retailers love & commitment than providing exclusive & desirable designs with complete mark-up freedom, unencumbered by competitive ecommerce pricing. Dune Jewelry presents our “new” Brick-&-Mortar Collection; a broad & comprehensive array of contemporary designs availed only in-stores and never online!

Dune Jewelry and our retail partners may not ever offer these designs online so that when a customer finds these items in your store, they’re unique to your store! Order from Dune’s new B & M Collection now (varied items available across all product categories, plus our all new & premier Coral and Rope collections) and enjoy the freedom of offering a wide variety of Dune products, while pricing them to your market and needs.

Dune Jewelry uses sand from your favorite beach, trail, ballpark, golf course & more to create a unique line of collectible jewelry that captures your favorite memories. Our patented designs are handcrafted in our studio by talented Sand Artists who use the highest quality materials from around the globe. Every piece is handmade to order. We stock sands in our Sandbank from thousands of locations worldwide; and you're always welcome to send your own sand for truly one-of-a-kind pieces.