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Horizon Jewelry

Horizon Collection

Items 6 Item(s)

Items 6 Item(s)

Horizon Jewelry Sterling Silver Collection

Horizon Necklaces | Horizon Ring | Horizon Bracelet | Horizon Studs | Horizon Earrings

"I was inspired to create a collection reminiscent of the horizon in my mind. I love the confidence of the skyline at the beach, that straight line that’s so sure of itself spanning out in front of you for miles every way you look. Then the awe-inspiring beauty created by the sun when it slowly sinks in to the ocean at sunset…appearing to vanish. That beautiful, reddish orange hue and the squiggle of atmosphere that rises out of the waves.

The simple, strong and sure line of the sky in the distance is captured in each piece, allowing our customers a canvas to create their own vision. Design your horizon by filling each side with sand, earth or elements from around the world. Choose sand from your favorite travels on one side and crushed turquoise on the other, or pair red opal emulating the sun with crushed lapis representing water for a bold and meaningful conversation piece. It’s your journey to create and I hope you like it." - Holly