Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

My sand looks a little bit darker, what’s the deal?

Dune’s ‘sand & silver’ process uses specific resin’s to incorporate your sand into our jewelry. Because of this process, certain sands will appear slightly darker than the day they were collected.

Does Dune authenticate the Sandbank and Elements?

YES! Each sand and element in-’Reserve’ within the Dune Jewelry Sandbank+Elements has been collected by our customers - consumers and retailers - for preserving special, specific,” experiential” memories in custom Dune Jewelry. This genuine and  personal collection and submittal of Sand+Elements authenticates each of the sands and elements in-reserve. We invite and encourage customers to send/share their “sand-stories” - along with pictures and videos of their sand collecting experiences. Additionally, for re-assurance, we also apply a strict fact checking process to each submission that includes, but not limited to, environmental factors specific to certain regions. Any questionable sand or element is not introduced to the Sandbank+Elements’ Reserve. All active/available Sands and Elements in the Dune Reserve of Sand+Elements are authentic to their locale!! Please adhere to all local laws and regulations when collecting and shipping any sand or element.

I’m Interested in reselling Dune Jewelry. Who do I contact?

You are welcome to request a wholesale application by e-mailing us at

Are there any sands that Dune doesn’t or won’t use?

We understand that there are certain cultural and environmental issues around sand collecting and we will do everything we can to ensure these are respected. If you believe a sand listed in our Sandbank should not be offered publicly, please contact us immediately.

How can I pay for my order at

Dune Jewelry accepts most major credits cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Customers that have received an e-gift card can also redeem them or apply applicable discount codes at the time of check out.

I Just Submitted My Order. When will my Credit Card be Charged?

Credit cards are authorized for payment at the time of check out, then charged in varied quickness - from almost immediately to within 24 hours.

I just submitted an order. Can I change it?

If you would like to change an order please contact us immediately at 617-364-1065 and/or email us at

How Quickly will I Receive my Order?

Each jewelry item is handmade-to-order; all orders ship from Dune within 3 weeks of the order-input date and the receipt of your order’s custom/personal sand or element. A RUSH order-processing is available for a $25 charge.

Does Dune offer Gift Packaging?

YES! Every item ships  packaged in a signature Dune Jewelry box or carded with proper element identification, care and handling instructions. For most items, Dune now offers specialized gift-wrapping that includes wrapping paper, a sticker, decorative ribbon and at a personalized note card option.

Does Dune ship to PO Boxes?

Dune Jewelry does ship via USPS to USPS-certified domestic and international PO Box addresses.

Does Dune offer Saturday delivery?

Dune Jewelry shipped via USPS often happens-to-arrive on Saturdays. BUT - USPS and UPS ON-Saturday delivery options can ONLY be specifically pre-arranged by calling into Customer Service after an order is already placed; additional costs will apply. Customer Service Specialists can assist arranging ON-Saturday delivery via either USPS and/or UPS. This feature is not available in all areas.

Does Dune Jewelry ship outside of the United States?

Absolutely! When shipping internationally, customs fees may be incurred. It is important to understand that if duties and taxes are assessed on an item mailed via the Postal Service, they are collected from the recipient upon delivery. Postage is charged in advance to cover the expense of delivery only. Postage does not cover charges assessed by customs in the destination country.

All items entering a foreign country are subject to customs inspection and assessment of duties, taxes, and fees in accordance with that country's national laws. Customs duties and taxes are assessed, generally, if the item sent is dutiable and if the value of the item is above the threshold set by the country's laws. Each country assesses unique formulae for customs, duties, and taxes. Check the World's Customs Organization website for general information, or visit the website of that country's customs service.

Please declare any material you bring back into the United States from vacations or business or special occasions’ travel.

Via what method and/or carriers does Dune Jewelry ship?

Dune Jewelry ships globally; to consumers via UPS and USPS and to retailers via these or their carrier of choice.

What should I do if my jewelry requires cleaning?

Each piece of Dune jewelry  is handcrafted, and designed to withstand sun, sand, surf and everyday wear and tear.  For general care, use a small brush with mild soap and warm water so that your jewelry will look like it did the day received.

Where can I purchase Dune Jewelry?

Along with our catalogue here on you can visit one of our hundreds of retailers throughout the US and internationally Please CLICK HERE to find a retailer near you.

Does Dune Jewelry accept donation requests?

Dune Jewelry has a strong commitment to creating and nurturing caring relationships in many, and varied, communities; including many charitable organizations and association partners. As part of this commitment, we gladly consider most-any donation requests. For more information, or with questions, please email us at

Is Dune Jewelry hiring?

We are always looking for talented and energetic people to join our team. Please send cover letter and resume to

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