Gifts under $200

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Items 38 Item(s)

Jewelry Gifts under $200

Are you in need of a priceless gift that fits comfortably into your financial limits? Dune’s Gifts Under $200 jewelry gift guide may hold that special something you need for her or him. This curated family of products features cost-conscious price tags while maintaining the pristine quality and customizable details you expect from Dune. Select from our series of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, cufflinks and keychains, each designed to take her breath away and make his heart stop. Each product by Dune can be customized with the places you love. Do you have a specific destination you would like to showcase in jewelry? Submit a sand sample from your most recent vacation getaway or travel excursion, or feel free to search the world within our comprehensive Sandbank®; you may just find a portion of your trip you're looking for. With Dune Jewelry, you are empowered to give a piece of the places you love so that the person you cherish can can keep these memories with her or him until the end of time.