How to Layer Necklaces


We offer our necklaces in several lengths so they look perfectly styled with different necklines. Layering necklaces is one of today's most popular trends. Choose varying chain lengths for necklaces that are ready to layer.  Layering is a great way to express your style, showcase your favorite sand and express all the most important moments in your life.

Step 1 

For your first necklace, choose a length that compliments your favorite neckline style. We layer in increments of 2".   



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Step 2

You can start a layered look with just 2 necklaces, or layer 3 - 4 necklaces for maximum style. To create triple layered look, accent an 18" length necklace, with 16", 20" and 32" length necklaces.

artboard-1-copy-5 Sandbead Necklace | Wave Necklace | Shop Necklaces


Step 3

Light & Delicate

You may prefer to start your layered necklace collection with delicate and light necklaces.


artboard-1-copy-4Pineapple Necklace  | Sand Jewel Starfish Necklace | Sunburst Necklace | Seahorse Necklace


Bold Impact

Or you can choose to layer our bolder styles. We recommend layering our Organic Trillion at 15”, Sandollar Necklace 18”, and Port O Call - Charm Holder Necklace 32”.


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Step 4

Personalize with Your Sand


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Finish your layered look by personalizing your necklaces with your sand or crushed element and you are ready to layer. Choose your sand for each necklace or pendant to reflect your favorite destinations, a place that represents a special memory or a destination that you cannot wait to visit. Express your story in each necklace and wear them together to tell an interesting story about yourself, your family or your friends.

Layered styles look great as a tonal ombre effect. To achieve an ombre like effect select tonal colors, lighter and darker shades of the same color family - choose your sand to represent colors that inspire you.  With each layered necklace celebrate important milestones, vacations or special memories.