Memories from Hilton Head Island: Lauren Behning

Traveling for Dune Jewelry allows me to visit some beautiful and unique destinations. Last summer I had the opportunity to do a Trunk Show at Gifted on Hilton Head Island, SC, abutted by a day off, and that day was one for the memory books.

Hilton Head Gifted

My luck always has it that it’s rainy on my day off, but that didn’t stop me from heading to the beach in the morning. Hilton Head is embellished by its unique trees; Palmettos, Live Oak, all adorned with Spanish Moss. The pathway to the beach was like walking through a jungle, and the moment I heard the waves crashing, my heart skipped a beat.

Hilton Head walk to beach

The Beach is a large expanse of light gray sand. There was a family way off to my right and a couple getting ready to paddle board off to my left, and I was left with a perfect slice of beach all to myself (though several small crabs would pop out of their holes to say hello).

Hilton Head beach

The weather proved to be more stubborn than I was, so I headed back. Later, I found out one of my friends who was on a cross-country road trip happened to be on the Island as well. We met up for lunch and local brews at The Porch, an indoor/outdoor bar right in Coligny Beach circle. It’s right off the beach so there is a mix of people in cover ups as well as Polos, repping the Southern Charm Style.

On a whim, we decided to go to Sea Pines, a private side of the island, to catch a sunset “Vagabond” boat cruise. The clouds were dispersing and the sun lit up everything gold. It was amazing to enjoy the views from the boat with a friend I  met up with by chance.

Hilton Head sunset

After the cruise came to an end, we enjoyed dinner and a bustling nightlife scene at The Crazy Crab, which had an amazing Cajun Chicken dish, while friends indulged in what they describe as the best Seafood they’ve had in a while.

From beginning to end, Hilton Head felt like an oasis, it was new to me but the island has a comforting age to it. Being from New England, it’s a certain feeling of history that makes you feel like coming back for more. Until I’m able to sit with the crabs on the beach again, I hold a reminder of that day in one of my Traveler’s Bracelet links. This is an honor I only can give to seven of my favorite places, and Hilton Head Island definitely made the cut.

Hilton Head traveler's bracelet

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