How To Care For Your Sterling Silver Earrings

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Sterling silver earrings DuneEarring FeatureIf you'd like to get many years out of your sterling silver earrings and jewelry, you should be aware of how to properly take care of silver.


It's a common misconception that if your ears or fingers turn green after wearing silver, or if a rust-like, dark gray or black coating appears, then it isn't real silver. However, exposure to water, sweat, chemicals, and humidity can cause the metal to oxidize, so you'll want to take precautions in humid areas or when you hit the beach.


While earrings are less likely to be exposed to water and chemicals than rings and so they’re less at risk for oxidation, you should still take proper care of your sterling silver earrings, and here are some tips on how:


Be mindful to take your earrings off in wet or humid conditions. Take off your earrings before you go into the pool, ocean, sauna, shower, or any other place where the metal will be heavily exposed to water.


Chemicals found in lotions, hair products, and anything else that could come into contact with your ears might induce rust or chemical reactions that turn your ears green. When you have sterling silver earrings, such as our exquisite Island Earrings, be mindful to take good care of them.


The more you wear sterling silver, the less likely it is to rust. Sterling silver is an interesting metal in that it likes to be worn: the less disuse your sterling silver jewelry has, the less likely it is to rust or turn green. Wanting to wear sterling silver earrings all the time is easy with our whimsical Starfish Earrings, which you'll never want to take off (just make sure you do so before going swimming).


A teaspoon each of salt and baking soda in some warm water can easily clean silver. If your sterling silver earrings are getting that rust-like coating or turning green, commercial dip or paste style silver cleaners should only be used as a last resort.


Instead, line a bowl with aluminum foil and add warm water followed by equal parts salt and baking soda, starting with a teaspoon of each.


If the mixture fizzes, it's working.


Add the silver earrings and let them sit for five minutes then gently rub with a washcloth. If any spots remain, let it soak in the mixture again.


Your earrings' sand settings will be cleaned differently if the finish is matte or glossy.
Glossy earrings such as the elegant Sterling Sea Fan Stud Earrings can be buffed with some car wax easily while matte-finish can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a clean cloth.
Your jewelry is special and it should last lifetimes if you’re taking good care of it. Be sure to follow these tips and have your jewelry to treasure, forever.


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