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I’ve been bringing home treasures from magical surf trips since I was a kid to help me stay connected with my love and passion for the ocean, and remind me that waves are breaking at my favorite beaches every 10 to 15 seconds. Pieces of broken coral, volcanic rock with fossilized shells embedded in them, and barnacle-encrusted sand dollars adorn my office. They ground me, and I can still remember picking each one up — even though I was 10, 12, 16, 19, 40, and 60 years old when I found these treasures.


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Costa Rica Paradise

For the past 12 years we have been surfing in southern Costa Rica, at an amazing beach in an amazing community where we now own property and plan to move. So when my fiance Valerie gave me my Dune Island necklace a few years ago, containing sand from our favorite beach there — I was transported the moment I put it on — and it remains the most beautiful,  magical, and spiritual treasure I possess. I find myself turning to it for reassurance and comfort when I am far from the beach and surrounded by the chaos of my work, trapped in an urban airport, or when it has been too long since I have heard waves breaking or felt the warm sand of our favorite beach between my toes. I feel a constant physical and spiritual connection with this special place — and I can truly say my necklace gives me hope knowing our favorite place on Earth is there waiting for us when we return.  And when I am there — paddling into another long, warm wave – -my necklace is in the water with me – dancing with me in the sun.

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The concept of Dune Jewelry is unique and brilliant.  Your designs are elegant and practical. Your quality exceeds expectation. But I also want to say that these very personal pieces of jewelry are matched by only your own personal commitment to your products and your customers.

With Gratitude —

Rick Schwolsky, Lafayette, Colorado