• The Best Pink Sand Beaches

    The Best Pink Sand Beaches in the World (and how to capture them)

    Pink sand beaches aren’t just around every corner. The unicorn variety of beach, pink sand can make you feel like you’re in a fairytale. It’s the color of the sand that lifts your spirits and really makes for a memorable trip.
    Here are some of our favorite places to find luxurious pink sand.


    • Jobson's Cove, Bermuda: The cove is the place to be if you want to have a wedding in Bermuda. The exquisite pink sands make it one of the most visually appealing beaches on the island, meant for creating picture-perfect memories. Thinking about dropping a hint for a Bermuda wedding? Our classic Island Ring fits beautifully with pink sand, giving the wearer envy of beachcombers everywhere.


    • Boca Prins, Aruba: Nestled on the northeast coast of Aruba, Boca Prins is gently kissed by the trade winds the area is known for. It's more secluded than other beaches on the island, which makes it ideal for a romantic getaway. Surprise your partner with this whimsical yet elegant Heart-Shaped Beach Bangle commemorating the great time you had there (or will have).


    • Harbour Island, Bahamas: Right off the coast of Eleuthera Island, Harbour Island's pink sand beach dotted with quaint cottages and luxury resorts is one of the most legendary in the entire Caribbean. No Bahaman vacation is complete without a barefoot walk on the oceanfront. The Sand Jewel Heart-Shaped Necklace is just perfect for sharing the memories you've made on your dream vacation here.


    • Anegada Beach, British Virgin Islands: The British Virgin Islands are probably one of the best places to celebrate love and happiness -- the island is full of exquisite pink and white sand beaches and waters that will make you never want to go home. With this Rose Gold ID Bracelet, you can use up to two different kinds of sand and a custom message so you'll never forget the great time you had at Anegada Beach.

    If you’ve been too pink sand beaches and want to hold onto the memory forever, incorporate the experience into one of Dune Jewelry’s custom pieces. Dune's Sandbank™ holds some of the most popular wedding and vacation destinations around the world and that includes many pink sand beaches. There’s no better way to say “Happy Anniversary” or “Happy Birthday” or even “just because…”.

    Wondering if we have pink sand from your favorite place?
    Browse our
     SandBank™ and see for yourself.

  • Get to know our custom jewelry makers: Dustin Bell


    You love Dune Jewelry so we know you'll love the team behind the name. We're so excited to have you get to know us better. Introducing Dustin Bell...


    Name (nicknames?)

    Dustin Bell, but I occasionally will be called D, DBell, Dman, Dusty (to my family in Kansas), Dennis (to some of our customers)



    What would you sing at Karaoke night?


    This is a tough one, but I really got to give a shout out to anything by Billy Joel or Bare Naked Ladies, my voice sits nicely with them. However, I will ALWAYS try to do Rainbow Connection and invite everyone in the bar up front to sit on stage with me. Always makes for a sweet moment in the middle of a loud and raucous event.


    What would you want as your superhero power?


    Telekinesis, it’s kind of multiple superhero powers all in one.


    Do you play an instrument?


    I studied vocal performance in college and have played guitar since I was 14… music has been a really important part of my life for as long as I can remember.


    Star Wars or Star Trek?


    Star Wars, 100% especially with the new films, they are just everything.


    Hike or bike?


    I was a mountain biker back home in Colorado, but there is no space for that out here in Boston. I still do love a good bike ride when I don’t fear getting hit by a car.


    Kindle or paperback book?


    When I’m home, paperback, hands down. When I’m traveling, though, my Kindle Paperwhite is always near.


    What three words describe you?


    Can I help?


    Do you have pets?



    My girlfriend and I are the proud parents of two white & orange fur-baby kitties as we call them. Peaches & Pinecone were adopted from Canton Cat Rescue and you can follow them on Instagram @PeachesAndPinecone … yes, I’m serious.


    What's the one thing you can't live without?


    Theatre, this is one of my educational backgrounds and I always tell people theater is my sanity.


    What's your 'death row' meal?


    My own recipe for mashed potatoes… I love them for the taste and the process it takes to make them.


    What kind of music do you listen to while you’re working?


    I try to keep it basic and sans too many lyrics I know, so a little classical, some movie soundtracks or when I’m doing creative work, I throw on my extensive musical theater collection.


    Whats your favorite piece of Dune Jewelry and why?


    I wear our Geometric Travel Tag almost every day inlaid with coal from the Titanic. Now, this is a bit of an insider secret, but yes, we have coal from the RMS Titanic and we’ll be releasing it later this year for ANY Dune piece as part of an expansion of our Sandbank™. I just love taking a bit of history with me anywhere I go.



    Geometric Travel Tag

    What is your favorite beach sand? Have you ever been there? Why do you love it?


    I’m fond of White Horse Beach in Plymouth, MA. My girlfriend’s family has been living on and going to that beach for 50+ years so it’s always full of the BEST memories.


    Favorite quote/words you live by


    “Soon we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy.” – Albus Dumbledore

  • Complete Your Resort Wear Outfit with the Perfect Beach Jewelry



    Who can resist some statement-making beach jewelry to go with your new resort wear for your winter getaway? Dune's collection of jewelry, handmade with sand & natural materials from your favorite locations will be sure to turn heads the whole time you're resting and relaxing. Whether you're using sand from our Sandbank™ -- a collection of sands from exotic faraway beaches -- or sand from your favorite local beach, our jewelry is the next best thing to getting those vacations days approved. Here are some of our favorite pieces that go great with resort wear.


    Take a Vacation From Yourself with Stacking Cuff Bracelets


    Do you not normally wear bracelets? Maybe your usual outfits just don't go with them or you don't feel bold enough to pull them off. Resort wear and swimsuits go together perfectly with our collection of stacking cuff bracelets!




    Sandbar Sterling Cuff Bracelet



    Our elegant Sandbar Cuff is breathtaking on its own, and can even spice up your professional wardrobe when you have to get back to work.




    Triangle Sterling Cuff Bracelet


    The exquisite Triangle Cuff offers a more mysterious and artistic vibe, which would not only make it ideal to wear with geometric patterns but it's also great for a sleek and trendy evening look.




    Starfish Sterling Cuff Bracelet


    The whimsical Starfish Cuff lets the whole world know that you're a playful beachcomber.


    Like most stackables, it’s tough to just have one! Together these bracelets make a really bold statement. And if that’s not your everyday look, it may be just right for a vacation.


    Make a Statement with a Cocktail Ring




    Sterling Sand Cocktail Ring


    Cocktail rings are coming back in style and when you see our gorgeous Sterling Sand Cocktail Ring you’ll want to be a part of this comeback! No matter the outfit, day or night, you're  going to get noticed with this beauty on your finger. If you like nonstop compliments on what a bold and unique taste in jewelry, then this ring is the one for you!


    Get in a Summery Mood with Sand Pendants!



    Textured Starfish Necklace


    Whether you plan on tackling the waves or relaxing with a good novel under an umbrella, no good beach outfit is complete without the right necklaces. This unique Textured Starfish Necklace is just the accessory for all lovers of aquatic life -- it's no boring sea star.




     Sandbar Necklace on 32in Chain


    And if classic elegance is more your style, our Sandbar Necklace on 32in Chain will never go out of style and is perfect for everything from Gatsby lawn parties to sunning on the beach.


    Making it through the winter months can be tough. So if you’ve planned a winter getaway to a warm and exotic place, Dune Jewelry is just the thing you need to complete your resort wear looks!


    Looking for more nautical favorites for your getaway?

    Check out our collection here: Beach theme

  • The Best Valentine's Day Gift is Jewelry with Meaning

    jewelry with meaning - valentines day gifts


    Valentine's Day is sneaking up on us and you might be at a loss for what to gift this year. Whether that special person in your life is your girlfriend, wife, mother, sister or just someone you admire, one of a kind jewelry with meaning can be the perfect token.


    Dune is the Original Beach Sand Jewelry Company® with a wide range of beautiful and unique styles made from precious metals in conjunction with sand and other natural materials that come from your favorite beach, park, vacation spot, or other places holding precious memories. Here are some great options for this Valentine’s Day that will tell that special someone just how much you care.


    Let them know they’ve got your heart with our Heart of Sand Necklace available in gold and silver. Pick sand from a place you’ve been together or a place you want to go. This way, they’ll always carry those memories or thoughts close to their heart.


    jewelry with meaning - valentines day gifts heart of sand necklace
    Heart of Sand 


    If you’re not ready for THE ring, but you still want something to put on your lady’s finger, check out our gold and silver stacker rings. Our stacker rings are unique and versatile -- if "less is more" is your style they look great on their own, or several of them can be worn together and with other rings for a bolder look.


    jewelry with meaning - valentines day gifts stacker rings

    Round Stacker Ring  |  Gold Stacker Ring


    If she loves making a statement with bracelets, seal any winning look with the Triple Sandglobe Bracelet where you can use the same sand or even have up to three different types of sand for the different globes. If you have a long list of destinations you’ve been to together or have plans to reach, you can even go for the Sand Dollar Traveler Bracelet to celebrate up to seven different locales.


    jewelry with meaning - valentines day gifts sandglobe-traveler

    Triple Sandglobe Bracelet  |  Sand Dollar Traveler Bracelet


    These exquisite Petite Sandbar Earrings are elegant for formal occasions but also a perfect accent for a casual outfit, making them the perfect gift for the pragmatist in your life.


    jewelry with meaning - valentines day gifts petitesandbarearrings


    You can pick sands from our Sandbank™ or send us your own. We also offer engraving on many of our fine necklaces, watches, bracelets, and other jewelry pieces that will make your gift even more unique and special.


    Don't settle for a Valentine’s Day gift that’s run of the mill and expected. Jewelry with meaning will leave a lasting impression!


    Want more options? Click here to shop our full Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

  • How to Layer Necklaces


    We offer our necklaces in several lengths so they look perfectly styled with different necklines. Layering necklaces is one of today's most popular trends. Choose varying chain lengths for necklaces that are ready to layer.  Layering is a great way to express your style, showcase your favorite sand and express all the most important moments in your life.

    Step 1 

    For your first necklace, choose a length that compliments your favorite neckline style. We layer in increments of 2".   



    Marina Necklace | Sandglobe Necklace | Shop Necklaces



    Step 2

    You can start a layered look with just 2 necklaces, or layer 3 - 4 necklaces for maximum style. To create triple layered look, accent an 18" length necklace, with 16", 20" and 32" length necklaces.

    artboard-1-copy-5 Sandbead Necklace | Wave Necklace | Shop Necklaces


    Step 3

    Light & Delicate

    You may prefer to start your layered necklace collection with delicate and light necklaces.


    artboard-1-copy-4Pineapple Necklace  | Sand Jewel Starfish Necklace | Sunburst Necklace | Seahorse Necklace


    Bold Impact

    Or you can choose to layer our bolder styles. We recommend layering our Organic Trillion at 15”, Sandollar Necklace 18”, and Port O Call - Charm Holder Necklace 32”.


    Marina Necklace | Dockside Necklace | Shop Necklaces


    Shop Necklaces 

    Step 4

    Personalize with Your Sand


    Sandrop Necklace | Heart of Sand Necklace |  Shop Necklaces


    Finish your layered look by personalizing your necklaces with your sand or crushed element and you are ready to layer. Choose your sand for each necklace or pendant to reflect your favorite destinations, a place that represents a special memory or a destination that you cannot wait to visit. Express your story in each necklace and wear them together to tell an interesting story about yourself, your family or your friends.

    Layered styles look great as a tonal ombre effect. To achieve an ombre like effect select tonal colors, lighter and darker shades of the same color family - choose your sand to represent colors that inspire you.  With each layered necklace celebrate important milestones, vacations or special memories.

  • Farewell 2016…HELLO 2017!


    Shelly beach and blue sky.


    New relationships, collaborations and experiences made 2016 monumental.  It was such a special year for me because I was able to get out and meet new people and raise money for causes I believe in - all while making jewelry that I love and am so passionate about.  I look forward to continuing down the same path in 2017 with more exciting adventures and collaborations.  We had a record-breaking year here at Dune and I’m grateful for all of the travel enthusiasts who’ve made us their favorite jewelry choice.  I can’t say thank you enough.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!




    Sunburst Necklace | Sunburst Bracelet | Sunburst Bangle | Shop the Collection


    Last year we were able to work with some very prestigious partners.  We collaborated with Carley Ochs and her amazing company, Bourbon and Boweties to create a new, limited edition Sand Bangle that sold out in about 12 hours – make sure to stay tuned for another round of limited edition bangles before Valentine’s Day.  We also raised money for Dana Farber Cancer Research sold through the Paper Store with our custom keychains.  Lastly, we’re still raising money with and for to put more beach wheelchairs on public beaches.  We’ll be bringing a number of these floating wheelchairs to Martha’s Vineyard in the Summer of 2017!  10% of every Sunburst Collection sale is donated directly to



    I’m always open to new ideas and partnerships so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me:



    Let’s make 2017 the best year yet!



    Holly Daniels Christensen - Founder/Designer


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