• Our Top 5 Sterling Silver Necklaces

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    Sterling Silver Necklaces are incredibly versatile. They can add elegance to casual outfits or be worn in formal and professional settings. Silver also goes with virtually every color. When you want to carry just a little sentiment with you in style wherever you go, Dune's sterling silver necklace collection has options that fit every style. Here are some of our personal favorites.


    sterling silver necklace port o call

    Port O Call Charm Necklace

    The whimsical Port O Call Necklace is made of a sturdy sterling silver ball chain styled with three different charms: a heart, diamond, and starfish.  Tell the world about your memorable adventures by placing three sands from far corners of the earth in this necklace, or commemorate just one special place by using the same sand in each charm.
    sterling silver necklace sunburst


    Sunburst Necklace

    Who doesn't love the caress of the summer sun on a picturesque beach in a tropical paradise, or the beach season on the shore that always feels too short?

    The beautiful abstract design of the Sunburst Necklace is contrasted by a delicate sterling silver chain, which adds a fun alternative flair to any outfit year-round. You can take a little bit of the sun and beaches with you everywhere you go by filling your own little sun with sand from your personal paradise.

    You can also feel good about bringing some sunshine to other peoples' lives since 10% of the proceeds from Sunburst Necklace sales go to, whose mission is to bring more beach-safe wheelchairs to public beaches because Everyone Deserves a Beach Day™.

    sterling silver necklace pineapple

    Pineapple Necklace


    The charming and whimsical sterling silver Pineapple Necklace is perfect for kitsch lovers who want a more elegant and higher quality piece than what is normally available for fruit-themed jewelry. The pineapple's center can be filled with sand from any place that you love and associate with good times with friends and warm hospitality, as that is what the pineapple symbolizes.
    sterling silver necklace starfish

    Starfish Sand Jewel Necklace

    A classic in beach-themed jewelry, the Sand Jewel Starfish Necklace is a petite wavy starfish resting on a delicate sterling silver chain. If you enjoy seeing sea life at the beach, imagine taking it with you everywhere you go..
    sterling silver necklace marina

    Marina Necklace

    With your choice of black waxed cord or sterling silver chain, the elegant Marina Necklace adds a frisson of mystique to any outfit. The bold round charm is timeless and meant to be unique with your choice of sand and up to three lines of engraving on the back.

    Need more options? Check out our entire collection of Sterling Silver necklaces.


  • Memories from Hilton Head Island: Lauren Behning

    Traveling for Dune Jewelry allows me to visit some beautiful and unique destinations. Last summer I had the opportunity to do a Trunk Show at Gifted on Hilton Head Island, SC, abutted by a day off, and that day was one for the memory books.

    Hilton Head Gifted

    My luck always has it that it’s rainy on my day off, but that didn’t stop me from heading to the beach in the morning. Hilton Head is embellished by its unique trees; Palmettos, Live Oak, all adorned with Spanish Moss. The pathway to the beach was like walking through a jungle, and the moment I heard the waves crashing, my heart skipped a beat.

    Hilton Head walk to beach

    The Beach is a large expanse of light gray sand. There was a family way off to my right and a couple getting ready to paddle board off to my left, and I was left with a perfect slice of beach all to myself (though several small crabs would pop out of their holes to say hello).

    Hilton Head beach

    The weather proved to be more stubborn than I was, so I headed back. Later, I found out one of my friends who was on a cross-country road trip happened to be on the Island as well. We met up for lunch and local brews at The Porch, an indoor/outdoor bar right in Coligny Beach circle. It’s right off the beach so there is a mix of people in cover ups as well as Polos, repping the Southern Charm Style.

    On a whim, we decided to go to Sea Pines, a private side of the island, to catch a sunset “Vagabond” boat cruise. The clouds were dispersing and the sun lit up everything gold. It was amazing to enjoy the views from the boat with a friend I  met up with by chance.

    Hilton Head sunset

    After the cruise came to an end, we enjoyed dinner and a bustling nightlife scene at The Crazy Crab, which had an amazing Cajun Chicken dish, while friends indulged in what they describe as the best Seafood they’ve had in a while.

    From beginning to end, Hilton Head felt like an oasis, it was new to me but the island has a comforting age to it. Being from New England, it’s a certain feeling of history that makes you feel like coming back for more. Until I’m able to sit with the crabs on the beach again, I hold a reminder of that day in one of my Traveler’s Bracelet links. This is an honor I only can give to seven of my favorite places, and Hilton Head Island definitely made the cut.

    Hilton Head traveler's bracelet

    Looking for sand from Hilton Head?

    Find it in our Sandbank™ along with 3000+ other locations and elements.

  • How To Care For Your Sterling Silver Earrings

    Sterling silver earrings DuneEarring Feature


    Sterling silver earrings DuneEarring FeatureIf you'd like to get many years out of your sterling silver earrings and jewelry, you should be aware of how to properly take care of silver.


    It's a common misconception that if your ears or fingers turn green after wearing silver, or if a rust-like, dark gray or black coating appears, then it isn't real silver. However, exposure to water, sweat, chemicals, and humidity can cause the metal to oxidize, so you'll want to take precautions in humid areas or when you hit the beach.


    While earrings are less likely to be exposed to water and chemicals than rings and so they’re less at risk for oxidation, you should still take proper care of your sterling silver earrings, and here are some tips on how:


    Be mindful to take your earrings off in wet or humid conditions. Take off your earrings before you go into the pool, ocean, sauna, shower, or any other place where the metal will be heavily exposed to water.


    Chemicals found in lotions, hair products, and anything else that could come into contact with your ears might induce rust or chemical reactions that turn your ears green. When you have sterling silver earrings, such as our exquisite Island Earrings, be mindful to take good care of them.


    The more you wear sterling silver, the less likely it is to rust. Sterling silver is an interesting metal in that it likes to be worn: the less disuse your sterling silver jewelry has, the less likely it is to rust or turn green. Wanting to wear sterling silver earrings all the time is easy with our whimsical Starfish Earrings, which you'll never want to take off (just make sure you do so before going swimming).


    A teaspoon each of salt and baking soda in some warm water can easily clean silver. If your sterling silver earrings are getting that rust-like coating or turning green, commercial dip or paste style silver cleaners should only be used as a last resort.


    Instead, line a bowl with aluminum foil and add warm water followed by equal parts salt and baking soda, starting with a teaspoon of each.


    If the mixture fizzes, it's working.


    Add the silver earrings and let them sit for five minutes then gently rub with a washcloth. If any spots remain, let it soak in the mixture again.


    Your earrings' sand settings will be cleaned differently if the finish is matte or glossy.
    Glossy earrings such as the elegant Sterling Sea Fan Stud Earrings can be buffed with some car wax easily while matte-finish can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a clean cloth.
    Your jewelry is special and it should last lifetimes if you’re taking good care of it. Be sure to follow these tips and have your jewelry to treasure, forever.


    sterling silver earrings feature image

    If you like sterling silver earrings, Dune’s collection is a must see.

  • How To Shop For Handmade Rings

    handmade rings girlsshoppingforjewelry

    Handmade rings make a wonderful gift whether they're a gift to yourself, a reward for a special achievement, a non-traditional wedding band, or meant to commemorate and celebrate a special occasion.



    Traditional rings with familiar jewels or diamonds are taking a back seat to more unique and uncommon designs. For example, while materials like sterling silver continue to be popular, rose gold is getting its moment in the spotlight. In any case, it can be hard to pick out a handmade ring, especially as a gift for someone else. Here are some tips on how to shop for the perfect handmade rings.


    • Ring size. There are a few ways that you can determine the correct ring size to buy. One option is to take one of your partner's rings to a jeweler to get it professionally sized, or use a piece of string to measure the circumference of a ring your partner frequently wears and compare it to a ring size chart.



    Mens' and womens' rings use different sizes as well, and if your partner falls into a half size then it's best to buy one size up. Most Dune rings are available in whole sizes only but some of our rings are custom-sized such as the Men's Sterling Silver Wedding Band and matching band for women.


    handmade rings weddingrings-rgb-1000


    • Think about color. What kind of colors do you or the recipient of your gift wear when it comes to clothing and jewelry? Is it silver and gold equally, or is there a preferred metal?



     When working with sand instead of gemstones, the natural gradients and range of colors can go with almost any outfit. Our Sterling Delicate Oval Stacker Ring Trio is a beautiful set of handmade rings that can use sand from up to three different beaches and look great stacked or worn on their own.


    handmade rings ss-trio3


    • Go the extra mile and capture memories. Jewelry is always nice, but it’s even more meaningful when it directly represents a memory or experience.



    Dune's selection of handmade rings have a gem-like finish using the sand of your choice which can come from any number of places where you'd like to fondly recall special times. You can provide your own sand or choose from our SandBank™ that features sand from over 3,300 locations from around the world.


    • Handmade rings provide unique style. Usually people appreciate all types of jewelry, but when a piece is handmade and has sentimental or emotional value, it’s even more unique and special.


    Find a piece that represents your style, whether that means a specific metal, design, sand or other distinguishing factor. Make sure that if someone saw the jewelry it would make them think immediately of you. Do you prefer delicate or chunky rings? Classic or more artistic styles with a round shape, such as Dune’s Island Ring? The right shape is just as important as the material and colors because shapes can change a look drastically.


    handmade rings islandring-1000-sm


    Finding the perfect handmade ring is made simple with Dune, where you have a variety of materials and styles to choose from and you can incorporate moments and meanings into each piece.


    Want to see more unique handmade jewelry?
    Shop our collection of handmade rings.


  • Get to know our custom jewelry makers: Lauren Behning

    You love Dune Jewelry so we know you'll love the custom jewelry making team and staff behind the name. We're so excited to have you get to know us better. Introducing Lauren Behning...


    Name? (Nicknames?)


    Lauren, LB, Bubby (only my Dad calls me that)



    What would you sing at Karaoke night?


    I have a few go-to’s depending on the crowd. “Like A Virgin” is more about the performance which masks my horrible voice. I also enjoy doing “Hot In Here” by Nelly because no one expects me to be able to rap. I’m practicing and gearing up for Missy Elliot’s “Work it”


    What would you want for your superhero power?


    Mystique’s ability to shape shift into any person. My biggest fascination in life is what it would be like to “Freaky Friday” with another person, so getting to do it all the time would be a very powerful attribute.


    Do you play an instrument?


    In my mind I am a musician as talented as Prince, in reality, I’m lucky if no one squints when I burst out into song. I have a very beautiful guitar, Epiphone Les Paul, that currently is the center piece of my bed room.


    Star Wars or Star Trek?


    My favorite Christmas memory is hoisting the Original Star Wars Trilogy over my head, running around my house, screaming “The Trilogy, The Trilogy, I got the Trilogy!” then throwing up out of excitement.


    Hike or bike?


    Being a city dweller, I’m terrified of biking. This summer I hiked the Canyon and it was Grand.



    Kindle or paperback book?


    I lament the loss of my kindle due to an open water bottle in my beach bag, so it’s old-school paperbacks for now. I think my biggest issue with paperback is I always lend my favorite books out and never get them back. Something the Kindle elevates.


    What three words describe you?


    Animated, out-going, lone-wolf


    Do you have pets?


    I used to have a beautiful cat, Thomas Jefferson. He left the world too soon. Now I take comfort in my roommate’s snuggly Maine Coon, Newman.



    What's the one thing you can't live without?





    What's your 'death row' meal?


    My gut instinct says all I want is a bottle of 2006 Conn Creek Cabernet Sauvignon, but if there was a way to get Grandma Behning’s Hot Dish and Grandma McNally’s chocolate chip apple cake, I’d go with that.


    What kind of music do you listen to while you’re working?


    As a music connoisseur, that’s a broad question. I listen to anything from Kanye West to David Bowie, Steve Windwood to Queens of the Stone Age.


    What’s your favorite piece of Dune Jewelry and why?


    There are two (technically 4) pieces I cannot leave my home without; the rose gold Dune Watch filled with my hometown and all time favorite beach, White Horse, and my gold stacker rings filled with sand I collected while rafting through the Grand Canyon this summer with two of my closest friends.


    watch canyon


    What’s your favorite beach sand? Have you ever been there? Why do you love it?


    I am obsessed with the way red desert sand looks in our pieces, to the point where the main reason I was excited to go to the Grand Canyon was so I could actually have emotional attachment to the red sands. Wahweap Beach on Lake Powell has great memories as well as beautiful grains of sand.


    Wahweap beach


    Favorite quote / words you live by:


    “I refuse to accept other people's ideas of happiness for me. As if there's a 'one size fits all' standard for happiness.” – Kayne West


    Liked getting to know Lauren?

    Now get more familiar with our jewelry!


  • Surprise the Beach Lover in Your Life with Ocean Inspired Jewelry

    ocean inspired jewelry

    Is there a beach lover in your life who's always longing for the sun and surf?


    It's easy to take your favorite beach with you anywhere with Dune's fine experiential jewelry that can use sand from any beach full of special memories, or exquisite grains from our own Sandbank™ to craft a unique piece of jewelry you simply can't find anywhere else.


    If you've been looking for the perfect gift for a beachcomber or want to honor a special shared memory, here are some of our favorite ocean-inspired jewelry that are sure to delight.


    These alluring Sterling Wave Earrings are made of sterling silver and bold enough to make a statement, but not so large and loud that they would be unsuitable for professional settings.


    ocean inspired jewelry sterling wave earrings


    The waves are relaxing swirls that look like a yin-yang from afar. The sand of your choice will have a swirled, gem-like finish for abstract elegance and the sterling silver pairs well with any kind of sand. What better way to evoke the ocean?


    For the beach lover in your life who appreciates a touch of whimsy, this Sterling Shaped Turtle Bangle is beautiful in its simplicity so that attention won't be drawn from the glass dome sea turtle charm that will give any sand the appearance of a lustrous gemstone.




    This bracelet is the perfect way to remember swimming with sea turtles in the Bahamas or just looking at them at the aquarium on the Jersey shore. This bangle can dress up any outfit on its own or look great layered with other bangle bracelets.


    The ideal gift for anyone born under the Cancer sign (June 21-July 22), as a crab symbolizes it, is our unique Sterling Silver Crab Necklace that features a silver crab on a delicate chain.


    ocean inspired jewelry sterling silver crab necklace


    The crab's body will be colored by the sand of your choice with a glossy finish and looks particularly striking using sand from white and pink sand beaches.

    There's also no better way to fondly recall those childhood memories of catching crabs on the shore than using sand from the same beach that it came from!

    No need to wait until you can take that cruise or for summertime to roll around: get our most popular ocean inspired jewelry so that you can live for the moment, then take it with you.

    Not sure which piece is the right one?
    Check out our most popular ocean inspired pieces.

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