• Beach Bridal Shower: 9 Fun and Creative Ideas


    You’re getting married! We're so excited for you!

    A bridal shower is a great time to make lasting memories with your family and friends. And, we want to make sure you do it right. Whether you're planning a seaside excursion with your best pals, or you just love the idea of bringing a bit of sandy serenity to your land-locked festivities, we've got you covered. Here are 9 fun and creative ideas for a beach bridal shower:

    1. For the Bride & Groom… Message in a Bottle

    beach bridal shower message in a bottleStock up on wine bottles, and get a bit of string ready because this is a fun one! Lace small pieces of notepaper with string so they can easily be retrieved from the bottles, then have your bridal shower guests write notes to you and your groom-to-be. The bottles can serve as adornments during the reception, and you can read your messages when the festivities are over.

    1. For the Bridal Shower Crew… Manis & Pedis

    No true beach-goer would dare be caught in the sand with cracked heels and unpolished toenails.

    If you're taking your entourage out for a day at the spa, stock up on all the essentials, and tuck them into plastic sand buckets. Toss in some flip flops, a few pieces of seashell-shaped chocolate, a tube of your favorite lip gloss, and in one special bucket, add a pair of Sand Jewel Heart Earrings. Don't mark the special bucket, so you'll be just as surprised as your lucky guest when the gift is revealed.

    Beach Bridal Shower Dune Jewelry Sand Jewel Earring Heart

    1. Table Toppers… Sandy Centerpieces

    Easy, peasy. Simply fill one wine glass for each guest half-way with sand, and place a votive candle on top. If you’re looking for something a little more special for your bridal party, garnish your bridesmaids' place settings with Sand Jewel® Heart Necklaces.

    Beach Bridal Shower Dune Jewelry Sand Jewel Heart Necklace

    1. Chose a Beach-Themed Cocktail

    beach bridal shower cocktailPick a beach-themed cocktail, and name it after an inside joke you share as a couple. For extra beach-worthy pizzazz, cast a net behind the booze set-up, and name it The Sand Bar.

    1. Games & Giggles… Beach Bites

    Each guest takes a turn being blindfolded and tasting seaside-inspired foods. Saltwater taffy, various tropical fruits, sorbets and ice creams. If the food is too easy to guess by texture, switch it up and have the ladies specify flavors. The person with the most correct guesses wins Dune Drops earrings.

    Beach Bridal Shower DuneDrops2DuneJewelryBeachSandJewelry

    1. Beach Etiquette Antics

    This game is meant to be silly. Each guest writes a silly beach etiquette wedding question on a piece of paper and submits it to a blind vote. All the guests then vote on the best question, and the winner takes home a prize. Rest assured, this game is filled with plenty of laughs!

    Need help getting started?

    "What do we do if a seagull “drops by” during the ceremony?"

    1. Beach Bingo

    beach bridal shower bingoReplace the word "BINGO" with "BRIDE" across the top of the cards, and use small seashells instead of chips. Prefer markers? Go for fun sea shapes like dolphins, sandals, and suns.

    1. Beach Bag Raid

    A twist on the traditional Purse Raid game, this game is a scavenger hunt of each guest's beach bag. The bride gives each guest a beach bag in which to place her purse. She then calls out items from a list of pre-determined beachy items (sunscreen, lip balm, romance novel etc), and the gal with the most items wins a prize.

    1. Seashore Jeopardy

    Take a page from Alex Trebek’s book, and entertain a seashore game of pre-wedding Jeopardy. Create questions that revolve around the bride and groom’s interests, and keep the theme focused on shoreline inspirations.

    Ready to get your beach bridal shower under way? Start by browsing our Dune Jewelry Wedding Collection for fabulous prizes!

  • 3 Reasons A Charm Holder Necklace Makes the Perfect Gift


    Gift-buying isn't always easy. Finding something they’ll use, something they’ll love, or something that reminds them of you can be challenging. Jewelry can often be the perfect choice for that perfect gift. But, not just any jewelry, a charm holder necklace.

    We’ve got three reasons charm holder necklaces make perfect gifts.

    Read more to learn why we think this necklace is the something special you’re looking for.

    Charm Holder necklace Multi2

    1. They're Super Interchangeable

    With charm holder necklaces, you can change your accessories to suit your style. Mix and match shapes and sizes, colors and textures, to create a new look every day. Feeling quirky and playful? A friendly starfish is the perfect accompaniment to a casual summer ensemble. Need to dress up your attire for a night out? Swap out your starfish for a classic diamond, and you're ready to go!

    charm holder necklace IMG_2775

    1. You Can Do One, Two, or a Few

    Can't decide which charm to wear? You're not restricted to a single one! Charm holder necklaces hold multiple charms, so you can easily show off your favorite pieces without leaving anything behind in the jewelry box. Use a different combination every day to showcase your creativity and personal style.

    charm holder necklace girls shopping for jewelry

    1. They're Perfect Conversation Starters

    A piece of jewelry can be a great icebreaker, especially something interesting or unique. Charms often represent meaningful and special memories. With a charm holder necklace you can share your stories, and take a trip down Memory Lane every time someone notices one, or all, of your memorable charms.

    Our Dune Jewelry charm holder necklaces are definitely not what you’ll find at your local jewelry store. You can choose sand from a place your special someone holds dear to be to be included in our designs. Whether it represents a honeymoon, a future dream vacation or just a special day at the beach, you're sure to make a big impression when giving one of our perfect charm necklaces.

    Ready to get that perfect charm holder necklace? Shop now.

  • Sealife Jewelry: Turtles, Seahorses, Crab Jewelry and More

    If you love animals and specifically marine life, Dune offers many unique and whimsical fine jewelry pieces in our Sterling Sea Life collection. These pieces celebrate all manner of sea fauna in sterling silver and the sand of your choice fashioned into a gem-like finish.

    Sterling silver matches well with every sand color and provides an excellent complement to charms used in sealife jewelry. Here are some of our favorites that are perfect for wearing to those upcoming beach parties that show off your sense of style and your favorite marine animals.


    Starfish Earrings

    These whimsical but elegant starfish earrings have curved arms to look realistic, and dangle slightly from French hooks to make a statement. As starfish come in all colors, they can look very natural with a medium or light colored sand, or offer a pop of color by using sand from a pink sand beach.


    Sterling Shaped Crab Necklace

    The crab necklace makes a perfect gift for anyone born under the Cancer sign (June 22-July 22) and wants to show their sign-pride. This necklace has a long chain which makes it ideal for layering or wearing by itself for a dangling effect. The crab's body has a sand jewel effect while the claws and legs are pure sterling silver. Any color sand can bring life to the crab, including red and pink sands for a traditional portrayal of crabs. Darker sands like the kind found in Montserrat beaches can also add a realistic touch to crab jewelry.


    TurtleBangleSterling Shaped Turtle Bangle

    There's no better way to remember swimming with the sea turtles in the Galapagos or relaxing while watching them at your favorite aquarium than by putting sand from your favorite beach into the turtle bangle.

    This stylish bracelet is perfect for making a statement at a beach party and can be easily layered with other bangles, or worn by itself for a "less is more" approach. Dark and greenish sands will make for a lovely sand jewel turtle that will definitely net many compliments.

    Dune also offers necklaces, bracelets, and earrings featuring your favorite crab, turtle, and starfish in addition to seahorses and other marine life. Whether you love sea creatures or have someone in your life who does, be sure to explore the entire collection!

  • Finding the right beach accessories for every kind of man

    Women tend to be pretty easy to shop for. Men, on the other hand, can present some pretty unique challenges when it comes to gift giving. If you're stuck on your shopping mission, trying to find a great gift for the guy who has everything, it's time to turn to beach accessories. The beach accessories we've noted below allow you to integrate amazing memories into beautiful items that will help those moments live on.

    A Tale of Great Travels

    A lifetime of memories is certainly not easy to contain, but there are always those few moments that stand out above the rest. If sand has its place in your favorite guy's memories in any way, the Classic Travel Tag will give him a gift that keeps giving.

    Need some ideas?

    • Was Fenway Park his favorite father-son outing when he was a kid?
    • Maybe he goes on annual golf trips with his buddies?
    • Did you honeymoon at a seaside resort?

    Sand has a funny way of finding its way into our lives, and when you embrace his tales, you can create a custom travel tag for each special moment.


    That Peaceful Place

    Sandbars can be mysterious places, standing quietly isolated amidst a world of water. They make you want to walk on them, find out what they're about, and unlock the mysteries that may lie on the other side.

    We've captured all of this mystery, peace, and intrigue in our Sandbar Necklace. Once each grain of sand is artfully arranged in the Sandbar, we use jewelry grade resin to set those memories in place forever.

    Worn around the neck, it can easily go with any outfit. It also happens to be a great conversation-starter.


    A Cuff Above the Rest

    Have you considered getting your guy a stainless steel ID Bracelet? This beautiful piece of jewelry combines the stunning aesthetic of silver with sand that's meant to capture a moment. The end result is an incredible beach accessory that will remind him of his favorite place every time he looks down. Perfect for professional or casual attire, your guy will get a lot of miles out of this bracelet. Add an extra touch of love with a personalized message!


    Ready to shop men's beach accessories? Check out our entire collection here!

  • Top 3 Picks for Personalized Jewelry for Mom

    Each year, when Mother's Day rolls around, kids and spouses scramble to come up with gifts that are just as outstanding as the ladies who will be unwrapping them. Breakfast in bed and huge hugs are great ways to start the day, but those moments are quickly fleeting. This year, pull on her heart strings with a beautiful piece of jewelry that brings new life to old memories.


    When you have something to say, say it from the heart. You can't go wrong with engraved jewelry, as personalized jewelry for mom with a message is a surefire way to make her melt when she opens the box.
    personalized jewelry for mom
    The Heart of Sand Necklace stands out above other engravable options by giving you the chance to customize not only the message on the back of the pendant but also the sand that fills the heart. If there's a sandy beach somewhere in the world that Mom holds near and dear, this is the perfect time to show her you listen when she shares stories of that special place by integrating the sand into her Mother's Day present.
    personalized jewelry for mom
    Looking for a gift that allows a little variety and personalization? The Natural Sand Dollar Traveler Bracelet lets you choose up to seven different sands. If Mom's a globetrotter, this means you're not limited to trying to choose a single favorite place. Instead, you can fill the sand dollars with over a half-dozen beachy memories.


    This bracelet is great for moms who don't have tons of sand-inspired memories, too. Get creative, and combine light-colored sands with dark ones or simply choose a single sand that speaks to you. Because you're making it for mom from your heart, she's sure to love it!


    Earrings are a can't-miss favorite with moms everywhere, but the same old studs can get kind of boring. If you're looking for a little more pizzazz in this year's earring purchase, look for a pair that's personalized.
    personalized jewelry for mom
    Dune’s Gold Sandglobe Earrings allow you to put a touch of Mom's favorite beach into these beautiful accessories. Don't be surprised if she tells you she hears whispers of the waves crashing against the shore every time she wears them!


    Ready to get mom something unforgettable? Check out our entire collection now!

  • The Pewter Shop - Rockport, MA




    Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 11.07.04 AM

    Owned and managed by father-daughter duo, Chris and Zan Murch, The Pewter Shop has been a family owned business since 1935.  As we are located in the coastal town of Rockport Massachusetts, Dune Jewelry has been the perfect addition to our shop.  We started with just a few local Cape Ann beaches back in 2012, and have since grown our collection to over 25 different beaches from around the world, several sea shells, and even crushed turquoise.  Our customers love the fact they can take a piece of vacation home with them as a reminder of their time here and always come back to add to their collection with each visit.  Custom orders are placed weekly for those that prefer sand that we don’t have in stock, and free shipping is always included!  It’s always fun when Dune deliveries arrive with their ever-changing varieties of sand and additions of new jewelry designs. We enjoy working with Dune Jewelry and look forward to expanding our display as new designs and items are introduced.


    Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 11.07.18 AM

    shop4Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 11.13.00 AM

    The Pewter Shop

    Instagram @the_pewter_shop

    16 Bearskin Neck, Rockport MA 01966

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