Looking for some great styling for a special dinner on your next vacation? 

We all need a muse once in a while to get our fashion creativity flowing, and what better inspiration is there than the beach?

I know I’m biased but the vast beauty of the ocean is something that can’t be beat.  The pinkish orange color of a sunset in contrast to deep blue ocean water is naturally breathtaking.  This dress from Express reminds me of the ocean while the blazer from Polyvore in coral is reminiscent of a sunset.  Belt it with a brown Obi wrap belt from WHBM and you’ve added a great “sandy” neutral to finish the look.  I simply love these colors together and it’s perfect for a warm summer night.

To finish off the outfit of course you need your Dune.  The wonderful thing about Dune Jewelry is that it’s versatile.  It can be worn day or night, casual or dressy.  The most important thing is that you feel amazing wearing your most precious travel memories.  Maybe you like to wear your Dune in a “set” with an Island necklace, earrings and ring or maybe you prefer to wear all of your favorite memories around your neck?  With our mooring tether necklace you can wear up to 5 sands at the same time.  My friend Karlee wears hers with jeans and a t-shirt or to the most formal fundraising event.  It works with everything!


mooringcloseupDate Night Style Jewelry – The Bold Mooring Tether

Her particular necklace always intrigues me.  It holds sand from:

  • Fenway Park, Boston – first date with her husband
  • Vik Beach, Iceland – first ever SOLO trip by herself
  • Cooks Brook Beach, Cape Cod – a beach she loves taking her children to
    Old Orchard Beach, Maine – a family favorite
  • Moonstone Beach, California – a beach that she wants to visit one day

Every time I see her wearing her mooring tether, I’m reminded that confidence, happiness and creativity create beauty and that’s exactly what she resonates.  So dress it up, dress it down but most importantly get out there and create some memories!

Holly Daniels Christensen – Founder/Designer