As we gear up for summer, we’re looking ahead to bring you the BEST in beach fashion trends. We’re all about individual style and our customers have provided us with some great inspiration for this year. Take at this week’s style guide and be on the look out for Multi Colors, Layering, Charms & our favorite, Nautical Inspiration.

Jewelry Trends – MULTI COLOR

A look and color for every occasion.

stacker rings

Mixing sterling silver and gold overlay styles, especially with our stacker rings, lets you enjoy a day at the beach with a versatile statement ready for any of your favorite beach fashions.

Jewelry Trend – Layering

layering necklaces

The Sand Jewel Necklace is a petite design with a large impact and the perfect starting point for layering your favorite memories. Completely adjustable from 16”-20”, it can be paired for a subtle look with our Sandglobe & Petite Sandbar.

One-of-a-Kind Charms

Unique designs & sand for every experience. Our Port O’ Call Charm Holder Necklace is always in demand and we love how easy it is to find the perfect charm for those cherished memories. These delicate charms, filled with your sand of choice match perfectly with a variety of our stud earring designs.

Our favorite? The Heart Sand Jewel Earrings with the Round & Diamond Port O Call’s hanging delicately on our Charm Holder. No matter how you wear it, you’re charm collection can grow with every new adventure you have and the important events in your life.



Jewelry Trends – Nautical Inspiration

An organic approach to new fashion trends. As the Original Beach Sand Jewelry Company our customers love when we bring Nautical Inspiration into our designs. Want a great way to express your love of the beach? We think this is your answer – shop nautical jewelry here.