Over 5 years ago I was charged with a very important task, to figure out exactly how we would catalog and store 300 sands that would be the foundation for our Beach Sand Bank. I remember thinking, “This shouldn’t be too hard.” and boy, was I wrong.

the original beach sand bank

Thanks to the brilliant people at IKEA we were up and running and while we knew how to organize the sand, we had to set up a series of checks and balances to better understand how to work with the unique qualities of each. It was at this point, when it really struck me, this isn’t hundreds of jars of sand, these are family traditions, adventures to new places and reminders of some of the best times in our customer’s lives.

beach sand jewelry hands

sandbank archive beach sand bank

We always say we’re not in the jewelry business, we’re in the business of capturing memories and after 5 years, 3000 sands from all 7 continents later, that foundation has never been stronger. As we set off to capture the next 3000 memories, we are reaching out to YOU to share those unique experiences.


sand jewelry process

Tell a story with Beach Sand

Throughout 2016, we will be collecting your ‘Sand Stories’ in order to show those new to Dune just how special every piece is. Whether it’s a wedding celebrated on the pink sands of Anguilla, a honeymoon to the colorful beaches of Hawaii or a family gathering celebrated every year on the shores of Cape Cod, we want to help share those stories.

kennebunk beach

If you have a story to share, please share it with us HERE .