I was born and raised at the Jersey Shore in Seaside Park, New Jersey to be exact.  The day school ended my parents would pack all 5 kids up and head one hour south to our homes at the shore for the entire summer.  I even picked a college near the beach, Monmouth University, just so I wasn’t away from it for too long.

I met my husband at the Jersey Shore, and it was where we got engaged.

I loved the walks along the shoreline, collecting shells, the hours swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, I having so many amazing memories that are all connected to a beach that will last me a lifetime.

Carole I. Beach Memories

For over 25 years I have worked in Public Relations and I have represented numerous celebrities. I also had the opportunity to walk red carpets, worked feature film press junkets, satellite media tours, album releases, been on the set for many TV shows and I have also represented many consumer products.

Carole at the BeachWhen I was personally introduced to Dune Jewelry in 2013 all I said was WOW!  What an amazing idea!   Beach memories plus jewelry equals my EVERYTHING!  It has been a fun experience working with Holly and the whole Dune team.  When I talk to editors, bloggers and TV producers about Dune Jewelry, they are instantly blown away, and I love that they automatically take a moment to reflect and share their own beach memories.

Carole at Extra

Over the past 3 years, we have introduced Dune to mainstream media in unique ways such as working with the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar photo shoot (2015-2016 season), several regional TV morning shows have featured Dune as well as the syndicated talk show The Meredith Vieira show. Dune has also been seen on the national TV show EXTRA that featured Holly with host Mario Lopez talking about Dune, now that was super exciting! In addition to Dune being featured in countless other media outlets.

Holly with Mario

Hours, days, and months go into working with the press and every day is a new day and no two are ever the same. I am constantly thinking, and the wheels never stop turning! I am thrilled by the excitement people have when they hear and see what Dune Jewelry is all about.  My energy is fueled by trips to the beach, the Florida sunshine, and of course caffeine and a good glass of wine (LOL). I have some big ideas for Dune Jewelry and you never know where you will see or read about Dune next and I am honored to be a part of the magic and journey!

Holly with the Dolphins Cheerleaders


Florida Beach walk

 The memories we make at the beach remain in our hearts forever…

xoxo Carole