glimpse inside the dune studio

Every piece of Dune Jewelry is handmade with love and sandy hands here in our Massachusetts studio. We’d like to invite you into the studio to take a closer look at how your memories are captured in our unique designs. This week we feature our Petite Sandbar Earrings handmade with sand from Prince Edward Island, Canada. P.E.I. is known for its flora and fauna, as well as sandstone arch.  P.E.I. sand looks stunning in jewelry, and is a wonderful travel destination to explore.

Prince Edward Island Canada Beach Sand

beach sand from North Shore BeachSandbar Earrings the process

The pieces are filled so we are able to sand them down to our signature Matte Finish, exposing a mosaic of sand.

earrings handmade with sandHandmade with Sand Petite Sandbar Earrings.

Once the pieces have been filled, sanded & polished it’s time to package them up. Every piece gets it’s own label and care instructions to make sure you keep your piece looking it’s best. Then it’s sent off to it’s final destination, these are going to a lucky customer all the way in California. Shop the Sandbar Earring here.