beach florida Sandglobe Dune Necklace Review

Sand has been the catalyst that has created lasting relationships with our community. I am often filled with emotion as I read the stories that you share about the sand in your Dune Jewelry and the memories that you hold close to your heart.

We have organized cleaned and stored over 3,000 unique sands. You can celebrate your adventures, re-live important moments or project an upcoming adventure, with sand and elements from our archive. The best way to explain how our community cherishes important moments with our brand is to share a personal story that truly touches my heart.

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Last year on October 7, 2015 my husband and I renewed our wedding vows on the beach at the Island Inn on Sanibel Island, FL at sunset. Celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary 9/22/85!

t was a dream come true! We had always wanted to renew our vows – it was a fun, magical, once in a lifetime this vacation and celebration. Our beautiful daughter was my maid of honor!  After we renewed our vows, John reached down and grabbed some sand and put it in his pocket for me with a seashell. The night was perfect and so romantic!  We had the most beautiful sunset of the week, and we even got to dance at dinner!! Something we never got to do the 30 years ago.  I had just discovered Dune Jewelry as we were planning our ceremony and had purchased my first bracelet.

When we came back I had a beautiful Sandglobe Necklace made with the sand from our ceremony. It even has a tiny piece of shell in it. It is a beautiful, treasured memento of our dream come true wedding. Thank you Dune Jewelry for helping us preserve our special treasured moments forever!!

Linda B.


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I am proud to share stories written by passionate customers and will be sharing them in my weekly blog and on our website. Sanibel is one of our favorite locations on Florida’s West Coast with incredible beaches!!

If you have a moment that you want to celebrate simply choose your favorite design and a special sand. We will hand craft and deliver your custom jewelry to wear as a daily reminder of your special experience. Just like Linda you will be able to wear your memories close to your heart.

Looking forward to celebrating your memories. If you would like a sand necklace, choose one here.