Beach memories say it with sand

I am always honored and happy to read our customers stories about their Dune Jewelry.  I love hearing how Dune was able to use their sand or earth to capture the most amazing memories.  We have sand from unique locations around the world. You’re welcome to send your own sand from a special moment in your life.  We help our community say it with sand, say how meaningful a place or person is to them. Overall the best way to explain how our community celebrates important moments with Dune is to share a sand story from one of our customers.

Of the many places I have visited there is one that I was so excited to have my own custom jewelry made for. My family visits a place called Rose Island, a little self sustaining island in Newport Bay, Rhode Island that although historically significant, is also a place we go for rest, relaxation and time to reconnect with nature and each other.

I tell everyone I meet that you go for an overnight there and you feel like you’ve been gone a week! It seems only fitting to have a gorgeous bayview ring and a pair of earrings made with the sand from our favorite place. Thank you to Just For You Gift Shoppe and of course you, for making that happen!

– Corrin C

Corin wearing her gorgeous bayview ring

Corin's Bayview ring

Say it with Sand Memories

If you have a moment that you want to celebrate, you can simply choose your favorite design and the special sand.  We will hand craft your custom jewelry to wear as a daily reminder of your special experience. Just like Corrin you will be able to wear your memories close to your heart.

As always I look forward to celebrating your memories.


Holly Daniels Christensen – Founder/Designer