Beach Gift - Sand Watch Sand BraceletGive the gift of love, life, travel & adventure this holiday season with one of our many designs filled with your choice of materials.  Whether it’s soil, earth, clay or sand – we can use a tangible piece of your most memorable moments to create a custom piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime.

heart of sand necklace beach gift A beach gift to love

When I first began making sand jewelry, I loved the aesthetic of the beach sand specifically.  The texture and the vast palette of colors were a dream to work with.  Now, six years later, I appreciate much more than that.  I appreciate the sentiment attached to each and every order we receive.  From sand to soil, I realize that every piece that is created in our studio has meaning beyond what I can imagine.  We’ve had customers send sand from their children’s sand box, soil from their childhood home, clay from their favorite tennis court and so much more.  It’s my belief that Dune can capture love in a single piece of jewelry.

Dune represents the places you’ve been, the places you love and the places you plan to visit one day – so get creative and make a custom piece for your loved ones today.  Whether you choose from our Sandbank which holds over 3,000 locations from around the world or you decide to send in your own materials for an extra unique piece.  We’re here to make it happen for you in time for the holidays.

with love and sandy hands - from Holly 

Holly Daniels Christensen – Founder/Designer