Here at Dune we are always excited to see photos and hear stories about how you use Dune to preserve your memories. What day is more memorable than your Wedding Day? Janet and Jay, who shared their wedding day photos with us, married this past January in Punta Cana and gave the gift of Dune Bridal Jewelry to their Bridesmaids and Groomsmen.

Dune designs are modern and classic. What better way to start your life together than with jewelry containing sand from where he proposed, where you’re saying your vows, or where you plan on honeymooning?

Whether you are a bride or groom selecting for your bridal party, a fiancée picking out a touching gift before the trip down the aisle, or a friend or family member looking for a perfect gift, you will be able to find it in our Gift Guide for Weddings.

Step 1: Bridesmaids Bridal Jewelry

Bridal Jewelry for WeddingsBridesmaid Cuff Bracelet Gifts

Inlet Cuff Bracelet at the wedding

heart-sandjewelWeddings go by in an instant, and those special people you asked to stand by your side will love having a memento of their time as your Bridesmaid.

Janet chose Bridesmaid dresses that could be wrapped to individually fit each bridesmaid’s personal style, then brought all the looks together with accessories, including our Gold Inlet Cuff.

Styling for Silver? Our Heart Sand Jewel Necklaces are the perfect for any neckline your girls may pick, they come on a chain that can be adjusted to 16”, 18”, or 20”.



Step 2: Groomsmen 

While Jay dismissed the formality of jackets at his beach wedding, he kept it classy with keeping his guys in ties. Keeping them in place wasn’t a problem as he gifted all of the special guys in his life with Full Tie Bars, which came in handy as they (moon)walked down the aisle to Michael Jackson.



4-7-sandrop-rgbStep Three: The Bride

Is the woman of your dreams a classic beauty? Our Sandrop Necklace & Earrings are understated and refined, yet will still be the conversation pieces she’ll love talking about.

Or is your lady more of the one to kick of her heels and boogie during the reception? She might gravitate to our Bold Sandbar Collection. Our Sterling Matte Finish Sandbar Earrings are sure to make as much of a statement as she does.







Step 3: The Groom

Wedding days can be chaotic. Ground your future husband by gifting him our Round Cufflinks. Fill these beautiful Sterling Matte Finish pieces with sand to remind him of where you came from as a couple, or choose sand from the spot from your special day to remind him of where you’re going.

Each Bride and Groom is as unique as the sands on the beach. Share with us how you chose to style yourselves and your bridal party on your Wedding Day, we love hearing your stories!
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