jewelry with meaning - valentines day gifts


Valentine’s Day is sneaking up on us and you might be at a loss for what to gift this year. Whether that special person in your life is your girlfriend, wife, mother, sister or just someone you admire, one of a kind jewelry with meaning can be the perfect token.

Dune is the Original Beach Sand Jewelry Company® with a wide range of beautiful and unique styles made from precious metals in conjunction with sand and other natural materials that come from your favorite beach, park, vacation spot, or other places holding precious memories. Here are some great options for this Valentine’s Day that will tell that special someone just how much you care.

Let them know they’ve got your heart with our Heart of Sand Necklace available in gold and silver. Pick sand from a place you’ve been together or a place you want to go. This way, they’ll always carry those memories or thoughts close to their heart.

jewelry with meaning - valentines day gifts heart of sand necklace
Heart of Sand 

If you’re not ready for THE ring, but you still want something to put on your lady’s finger, check out our gold and silver stacker rings. Our stacker rings are unique and versatile — if “less is more” is your style they look great on their own, or several of them can be worn together and with other rings for a bolder look.

jewelry with meaning - valentines day gifts stacker rings

Round Stacker Ring  |  Gold Stacker Ring


If she loves making a statement with bracelets, seal any winning look with the Triple Sandglobe Bracelet where you can use the same sand or even have up to three different types of sand for the different globes. If you have a long list of destinations you’ve been to together or have plans to reach, you can even go for the Sand Dollar Traveler Bracelet to celebrate up to seven different locales.


jewelry with meaning - valentines day gifts sandglobe-traveler

Triple Sandglobe Bracelet  |  Sand Dollar Traveler Bracelet


These exquisite Petite Sandbar Earrings are elegant for formal occasions but also a perfect accent for a casual outfit, making them the perfect gift for the pragmatist in your life.


jewelry with meaning - valentines day gifts petitesandbarearrings


You can pick sands from our Sandbank™ or send us your own. We also offer engraving on many of our fine necklaces, watches, bracelets, and other jewelry pieces that will make your gift even more unique and special.

Don’t settle for a Valentine’s Day gift that’s run of the mill and expected. Jewelry with meaning will leave a lasting impression!

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