Pink sand beaches with crystal waters Elafonisi Crete

Pink sand beaches aren’t just around every corner. The unicorn variety of beach, pink sand can make you feel like you’re in a fairytale. It’s the color of the sand that lifts your spirits and really makes for a memorable trip.

Here are some of our favorite places to find luxurious pink sand.


  • Jobson’s Cove, Bermuda

    The cove is the place to be if you want to have a wedding in Bermuda. The exquisite pink sands make it one of the most visually appealing beaches on the island, meant for creating picture-perfect memories. Thinking about dropping a hint for a Bermuda wedding? Our classic Island Ring fits beautifully with pink sand, giving the wearer envy of beachcombers everywhere.

pink-sand-beaches-BocaPrins beach

pink-sand-beaches-Coral sand from Bermuda.

  • Boca Prins, Aruba

    Nestled on the northeast coast of Aruba, Boca Prins is gently kissed by the trade winds the area is known for. It’s more secluded than other beaches on the island, which makes it ideal for a romantic getaway. Surprise your partner with this whimsical yet elegant Heart-Shaped Beach Bangle commemorating the great time you had there (or will have).


  • Harbour Island, Bahamas

    Right off the coast of Eleuthera Island, Harbour Island’s pink sand beach dotted with quaint cottages and luxury resorts is one of the most legendary in the entire Caribbean. No Bahaman vacation is complete without a barefoot walk on the oceanfront. The Sand Jewel Heart-Shaped Necklace is just perfect for sharing the memories you’ve made on your dream vacation here.


  • Anegada Beach, British Virgin Islands

    The British Virgin Islands are probably one of the best places to celebrate love and happiness — the island is full of exquisite pink and white sand beaches and waters that will make you never want to go home. With this Rose Gold ID Bracelet, you can use up to two different kinds of sand and a custom message so you’ll never forget the great time you had at Anegada Beach.

If you’ve been too pink sand beaches and want to hold onto the memory forever, incorporate the experience into one of Dune Jewelry’s custom pieces. Dune’s Sandbank™ holds some of the most popular wedding and vacation destinations around the world and that includes many pink sand beaches. There’s no better way to say “Happy Anniversary” or “Happy Birthday” or even “just because…”.

Wondering if we have pink sand from your favorite place?

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