Style is a feeling of confidence, a vibe.  It’s when you put something on and you haven’t copied it piece by piece out of a magazine or fashion blogger’s “look of the day” segment.  It’s when you mix and match bold with conservative or wear an investment piece from Bloomingdales paired with a yard sale find or your grandmother’s emerald frog brooch – and when you put it on you feel gorgeous, cool and confident.  It sets you apart from everyone else.

I feel most stylish when I put on an outfit and it looks awesome – AND I can picture myself still looking great at the end of a 12 hour day or night out for dinner and drinks.  I know that fashion isn’t always comfortable but I firmly believe style is.


Style tells a story, it makes people want to know you and that’s exactly what Dune Jewelry is perfect for.  Each piece of Dune is handmade, custom crafted with your story.  We can fill your Dune with one of our 3,000+ sands or you can send in your own sand from a special beach, trail, ballpark…anywhere that has sand.

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I’ve most recently fallen in love with our Sand Jewel diamonds.  We had a huge beach photo shoot and I brought diamond Sand Jewel™ necklaces as gifts for our models.  I think it’s so cool to alter someone’s perception of what’s precious.  Think about it…an actual diamond is not precious.  The popularity of diamonds is due primarily to the DeBeers organization. They set up the first large-scale diamond mines in South Africa and then began one of the most successful advertising campaigns in history.  They convinced consumers that engagement rings should always have a diamond.  Simply said, diamonds are a mineral with a chemical composition of carbon that crystallize in the isometric system.  They are well controlled by the diamond industry which makes them “precious”.  A Dune diamond on the other hand is filled with your favorite memories.  It could be sand from anywhere in the world – somewhere you’ve been or somewhere you want to visit someday.  Each diamond holds energy from amazing locales.


Sand filled Bracelets Styling Charms on bracelets

Styling Charms

So layer ‘em up!  You can wear two or three Sand Jewel necklaces at a time.  If you prefer bracelets you should take a peek at our Sandbeads.  Also a conversation starter – these beads can be added over time to the Sandbead cuff bracelet so you can wear your travels as they happen.  The combinations are endless.


Holly Daniels Christensen – Founder/Designer