Finally, we’re bringing gold to the arm party!

I am a self-taught jeweler so when I launched Dune Jewelry in 2010, I essentially had to jump in with both feet and learn while I worked.  In my opinion, the jewelry industry is an intricate art form and although ambitious, I didn’t want to completely over-extend myself with methods and ideas I didn’t feel 100% comfortable with.  Our jewelry is handmade with a lifetime warranty so quality is a top priority.  I’ve always loved the idea of wearing gold jewelry but the fear of learning to work with a new metal and developing new techniques to ensure the sand still looked beautiful held me back…until now!  I’m so happy introduce more gold to our growing line of custom sand jewelry!

Check out our gold bangle designs – PERFECT for Fall’s crisp, cool weather that will soon be upon us.

Fall Jewelry Gold Bangles

What to wear with Gold Fall JewelryFall Jewelry Trends

To keep your fashion on trend, try a rich burgundy or navy trophy jacket with an ivory cami and this season’s “must have” – a pair of high rise culottes with sophisticated booties.  For jewelry, our classic Gold Sandrop Necklace, Gold Dune Drop earrings and a stack of bangles with sand from your destination “wish list” will complete the look!  Oh, and a messy top knot would be ideal.

I hope you enjoy this week’s Fall Jewelry Fashion inspiration!

Holly Daniels Christensen – Founder/Designer