lands end cabo san lucas beach

siesta royale beach

The beach is my happy place. ANY beach. I don’t care if it’s crowded, isolated, sunny, stormy – something about the smells and the sounds soothe my soul. Perhaps it is because I was born in Miami Beach, FL. When I was little any time someone would mention Miami Beach, I used to jump in and say, “No. It’s MY-Ami beach – not yours!” My earliest memories were of sandy beaches and Good Year Blimps floating like clouds in the sky. My family is fond of saying to each other: “I love you a million blimps full”.

Not too long ago, a co-worker and I were discussing what was on our bucket-lists and we decided to cross some memories off together. One of hers was camping on the beach in the Florida Keys. (Check.) We took some time to stop in Miami Beach and see my old neighborhood and had breakfast and Bloody Mary’s beachside at one of the local bistros.

beach bucket-list

My beach-related bucket-list item was a little harder. I wanted to go to Cabo San Lucas and drink tequila shots with Sammy Hagar on his birthday bash at his now famous Cabo Wabo Cantina. (Check.) Not only did we check this off my bucket list, but we got to enjoy snorkeling and swimming at Land’s End, not once but two years in a row

beach bling

I purchased a triple sand globe bracelet from Dune Jewelry and chose Miami, Siesta Key and Land’s End sand in honor of my three favorite beaches because whenever I look at it, or someone asks me about it, I am reminded of so many wonderful, happy memories. Dune recently launched their anklets – now I can layer my three favorite beaches. Who knows? I might add on some bucket-list beaches as well.

– Jamie K.

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