Did you know that you can build your own Sandbead® Bracelets with unique beach sand one bead at a time?

Stacking can make a statement about where you’ve been, where you love and where you’re going.  Stack 2, 3, 4 or more Sandbead® Bracelets to create a dramatic look for any occasion.  It’s easy to find the perfect style to celebrate the adventures you have and the special memories you never want to forget.

The Sand Bead Bracelet

Step 1

Start by selecting our Interchangeable Cuff Bracelet.


Step 2

Choose to custom build the style of your beads, round, square or a combination of both shapes.

Step 3

Choose your sand for each bead to reflect favorite destinations you have visited, a place where you made a special memory or somewhere you can’t wait to visit. We have over 2800 unique locations stocked in our Sandbank™

Tell your story bead by bead and bracelet by bracelet –  Select sand from a childhood vacation spot, the location of your annual family reunion, where you got engaged, where you were married.


Step 4

Finalize your first bracelet and bead selection

The Sand Bead way to tell your story…

Build your fashion statement by selecting tonal sands, from whites and pinks, natural and organic tans, oranges, browns and tans. Contrast nature’s dramatic natural colors, whites, grays and blacks.


Create a Shape and Texture story.

Build your bracelet with a combination of shapes and with sands and shells that add style impact and textural interest. Add beads one at a time to reflect new experiences or significant events If that feels like too many decisions, you can – select a pre-assembled bracelet. You can buy a Sandbead® Bracelet that is assembled with one, two or three sandbeads®. You can add extra spacers and new beads to update your look and add style whenever you like.

Create your stacks by combining several bracelets.

Either way our Sandbead® Bracelets create style, reflect your love of the beach and express everything that is important in your heart.