Personal style is as unique as beach sand. Are you the person who makes a statement with bold pieces like our Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring? Or do you believe in impact with volume, choosing to stack pieces like our Textured Stacker Rings? With our collections, you can mix metals of silver and gold, you can style with a color palette by choosing sands that favor white tones, earth tones, greys, purples or blacks. Mix texture by having fine grain sand like Siesta Key in one ring and chunky sand like Turtle Beach, Hawaii in another.  Whatever you choose, have fun losing yourself to your inner designer.

Step 1 – Find Style for Rings

Are you inspired to style rings that can be stacked?

Or… statement pieces that speak for themselves?

Picking a larger ring like the Bayview Ring allows for that single beach memory to really shine. Beautiful sand like Moonstone Beach in California, shown in our Cocktail Ring, creates an instant conversation piece, begging people to ask what memory was used for your Dune Jewelry.

rings-blogHowto-2Step 2 – Style our Stackers

Stacking for Impact?

We suggest stacking an odd number- stack groups of 3 or 5. The odd number allows the Stacker Rings to nestle in for comfort and style. Have a quirky style? Try accenting a Gold Overlay Stacker Ring in between two silver Stacker Rings , allowing the gold piece to really stand out.

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wear your beach in a ring styleStep 3 – Pair up Bold Rings with Texture

If choosing one look is difficult, you can pick styles that can be worn together on several fingers. We like textural contrast created by pairing a bold Ring with a group of Textured Stacker Rings.




style rings in stacksStep 4 – Choose your Sand

Choose your sand to complete your jewelry selection. Picking memories that have different, contrasting sands not only allows them to stand out from one another, but can be mixed and matched with different outfits. For an ombre-like effect, select tonal colors, lighter and darker shades of the same color family. Making your way up the East Coast is a great way to achieve the look; White, soft Southern Florida sands to the smooth grey of the Carolinas, up to the dark earthy texture of Perkins Cove in Maine – choose your sand to represent colors that inspire you. We also like mixing fine, soft sands with heavy textured sands (the kind you wouldn’t walk barefoot on!)

Style Rings for Maximum Impact

Our National Sand Artist, Lauren, is a huge ring enthusiast and we asked her to photograph how she styles her Dune.

“I like having our bold rings on my pointer fingers, it draws the eye when I’m making a ‘point’. Mixing metals is something I never shy away from, especially because the white sands of the Caribbean look so good in our Gold Overlay Stacker Rings. I love with my Sandrop Ring with red desert sand from Australia, the color is striking and bold. I haven’t been there yet, it’s part of my bucket-list jewelry collection!” 

Dune provides a dynamic variety of ring styles, you can stack your rings to reflect your most cherished memories, your favorite vacation spots or special moments with a significant other.  You can shop our entire handmade ring collection here.