Sand Under Microscope 1-sphere

I believe our jewelry is magical.  You can think I’m crazy all you want, but I do.  If you truly allow yourself to think about it, everything holds energy and the energy that beach sand holds is eternal, it’s been around for millions of years and weathered storms we can only imagine.  An example would be when granite rock erodes by the forces of wind, rain, ice and multiple freeze-thaw cycles, the angular grains of feldspar, quartz, mica and other minerals are liberated. They are transported to lakes via streams, rivers and glaciers, and on their journey, their original crystal shapes become more rounded by the forces of erosion. Many continental beaches have a high percentage of quartz sand grains because quartz survives the forces of erosion longer than other minerals.  The pounding surf is responsible for rounding and polishing the quartz grains which makes them feel soft and inviting.  This is a journey of epic proportions that we can barely imagine.  BUT, imagine wearing some of that relentless, determined, strong and beautiful energy?  That’s what I believe our jewelry captures.

sand inspiration for color

The sand we have in our Sandbank has been collected over the past 10 years by friends, family and customers who want to wear something extraordinary – they want to wear their travels, their history and I love providing that for our amazing customers.  Our Sandbank is a vast palette of colors and textures ranging from black to white to pink to almost everything in between – with soft light sand to textural chunky sand.  No matter what beach you choose to wear, from Sicily to Dubai to Big Sur, the energy is strong and will help you weather any storm you encounter.

sands from customers

So go ahead and wear a little piece of history with some Dune Jewelry this week.  I know I’ll be wearing a LOT!

 Holly Daniels Christensen – Founder/Designer