My husband is the funniest, most loving and loyal person I’ve ever met.  I’m not talking dry humor funny – I’m talking ridiculous and sometimes “inappropriate” humor.  The kind of funny that makes you crack a smile even when you want to be really mad at him, purely because it’s so ridiculous.  Over the past 7 years we’ve been through a lot including the birth of our two daughters and my battle with Graves’ disease.  One thing that I admire most is Eric’s sheer determination to work through every day with a realistic, yet positive outlook while I was sick.  His love and support never wavered.  Eric is truly the love of my life and my anchor in every storm.

Not only is he a great husband but he’s a great Father and life partner.  He takes care of our girls teaching them how to ride their bikes, dress themselves and tell inappropriate jokes (yes, seriously).  One thing that might surprise some people who know him is that he’s constantly lending his advice on the growing men’s line at Dune.  Eric likes to tell people that I dress him, as he rolls his eyes, but in reality he loves fashion!

Eric wears sandbar necklace

divot toolRecently we took a trip to St. Thomas for our first ever family vacation and while I pride myself on being the “head sand collector”, whenever we visited a new beach Eric was there, baggy in hand, ready to capture our new and exciting memories for his own piece of Dune.  He’s been first on the waiting list for our Travel Tag Collection for about 3 years now.  Along with his request for a tag style necklace was the request to engrave it with the origin of his sand.  This is a request we’ve had from many of our loyal customers over the years so this week I’m proud to announce that we’re making it a reality.

Gift Ideas for every Husband

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Whether you’re shopping for yourself or the special men in your life, I hope you’re inspired by Eric’s story and his excitement for life, travel, fashion and family.  Find unique and Meaningful Gift Ideas for your Husband here.

Holly Daniels Christensen – Founder/Designer