This week we glimpse into the Men of Dune Jewelry’s unique perspectives on men’s style and how they wear their Dune.

men’s style jewelry

My style has always been built around contrast and my favorite new piece is our Geometric Travel Tag. I’ve had it on everyday since it launched and the contrast between the sharp lines and organic nature of the sand makes for a style that pops and a bit of family history that I love to tell. The sand I have chosen is from Scotland, where my ancestors are from, so I wear my Dune as a reminder of where I’ve been and where I want to go.

– Dustin B.

men’s style john

I don’t always wear jewelry but when I do I go for my favorite pieces from Dune are the Men’s Band  and the Sandbar Necklace. Both are bold, sturdy pieces. Any sand they feature makes a statement.  For my pieces I chose the sand from my favorite beach, Old Silver. Not only are they cool pieces of jewelry that hold a memory wherever you go, dune makes a great conversation piece or ice breaker! 

John G.

jeff on men’s style

I am a traditionalist and like to get dressed for a good restaurant or a trip into the city. One of my favorite pieces has to be our Round Cufflinks. The Sterling Silver is a perfect backdrop for my sand from Antigua where my wife and I were married. The cufflinks elevate any formal outfit to a whole new level and make for an impactful story to tell anywhere I wear them. 

–  Jeff T.