It’s probably safe to say that if you love the beach, you’re probably dreaming about it ALL.THE.TIME. Whether it’s the seashells, the salty air, the sound of the ocean, or the sand between your toes, you can make the beach come to you with Dune’s lovely and versatile nautical necklace collection!

These necklaces can be made from any number of sands from around the world thanks to our SandBank™ or  send us your own sand to get a custom crafted piece.

When your next beach day feels like it’s weeks or months away, all you have to do is wear your necklace and feel closer to the ocean instantly. Here are three of our favorite nautical necklaces:

  • Petite Sand Dollar Necklace: Set on a sterling silver background with adjustable chain, this whimsical sand dollar necklace is so evocative of a day at your favorite beach. The sand dollar itself is large enough to make a statement but small enough to make people marvel at how we got the sand into it.


nautical necklaces-petite-sand-dollar-necklace


The versatility of the silver and natural beauty of the sand dollar design makes this necklace ideal for casual outfits and resort wear, but it also adds the perfect playful touch for date night.

  • Starfish Sand Jewel® Necklace:  Our classic Sand Jewel® pendant makes a stunning addition to any outfit. The starfish’s lifelike curved arms resemble the friendly sea creature you’ve likely seen on your days out at the beach or when diving.


nautical necklaces-sand-jewel-necklace-star-fish-dunejewelrybeachsandjewelry


Sea stars go with almost everything and yours will be the most unique of them all. The sterling silver pendant works well by itself when you’re hankering for a day at the beach, and when that day comes it also looks great in layers since the length is adjustable.


  • Sterling Wave Necklace: One of our more unique pieces in nautical flair, this exquisite sterling wave necklace looks so elegant and abstract from a distance that it’s suitable for professional wear and special occasions.


nautical necklaces-dunejewelrywavenecklacebeachsandjewelrylidobeachflorida


Waves are so calming to look at and at the same time this single wave makes a bold statement. What better way to keep the beach close to your heart than to put the sand from your favorite beach into this wave pendant?

Need more beautiful options? Shop our entire nautical necklace collection.