I’m not only in love with the beach, but I’m in awe of the ocean and what’s below the surface.  I love snorkeling, especially in the Caribbean where you can see almost everything on the ocean floor.  Sea fan, coral, parrot fish, hawk fish, sea turtles & starfish.  They’re all magical creatures that have consistently held a place in people’s hearts & minds throughout history.  Their unique visual attributes make it exciting to design Sea Life Jewelry.


Sea Turtle Jewelry

The strong and hearty Sea Turtle takes vast journeys, letting the tides take her where they will.  She surrenders in infinite trust that all will be okay – knowing that the beauty of life is in the journey and there is no absolute destination.


Seahorse Jewelry

The Seahorse reminds us to slow down, breathe and find our inner peace and happiness so that we can spread that happiness to others.  Comfortable to roam with patience, the Seahorse is full of light.

Crab Necklace Crab Bangle

Crab Jewelry

The Crab is not only a favorite (and traditional) Maryland feast but it also symbolizes that it’s okay to stand your ground and take care of yourself.  Protect yourself and learn to say no to the demands of others when it’s not right for you or when it just doesn’t feel good…with no apologies or excuses.  Wear the crab and unleash your inner strength.

Sea Life Jewelry and Accessories

So go ahead and choose your next Dune piece, fill it with your favorite experiences then wear it with love and anticipation of your next adventure.


Holly Daniels Christensen – Founder/Designer