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Submit Your Own Sand

Send us your sand or element

from your personal experiences

Submit Your Own Sand

Sending your Sand or Natural Element

We love receiving new sand or other natural elements, and are happy to create a custom piece of jewelry from your own personal experiences.  Each piece of jewelry uses just a pinch of sand or elements.  You know all that sand that sticks to your flip flops at the beach?  Yep, that’s enough to create a piece of Dune Jewelry!  Send about a teaspoon of sand for every piece you would like to order.

Sending a natural element other than sand?

Dried flower petals, crushed stones, and other materials can be incorporated as well, and we still use about a teaspoon for each piece. If you send a ½ cup or more, it will be added to our growing Sandbank™. If you have a question on how your natural element can be incorporated in our patented process, please feel free to email

When selecting your pieces, you will be prompted to select "send your own sand or element”. There, you will provide some basic information about the sand or element you are sending; then you’ll complete the Sand & Elements Submittal Form so we can pair your sent-in sand or elements with your online order. Below are some tips for processing your sand/elements. Please reach out with any questions to

Processing your sand or natural element before sending

Please adhere to all local, state and national regulations when sand or element collecting.  It's VERY important that you don't remove any sand, rock, soil, shells or other elements from ANY of our protected beaches within the National Parks, Seashores or sand from Hawaii.  We do not create jewelry or accessories with any illegal sand/elements.  

  • Each Dune item requires about a soda cap’s worth of material. We will add to our Sandbank+Elements if sent ½ cup or more!
  • Please adhere to any and all applicable rules & regulations when collecting
  • Sand or Element Sand & Element CANNOT contain any organic matter
  • We can only work with DRY material; top-layer Sand and Elements that are clean and free of debris.
  • We recommend suspending SAND in a glass of water, discarding anything that floats, allow to dry, then send along
  • Sand or Element should be secured in a ziploc (sandwich-size) baggie, labeled on the bag, and shipped in a bubble mailer
  • INTERNATIONAL: Please declare any Sand or Element you bring into or send to the USA
  • Flower Petals must be dried & pressed for about a week. Please send dried petals in paper towel inside zip lock bag.

Sending International Sand or Element?

We want to capture memories near and far, however, if you are sending sand from outside the United States there are a few rules we ask you to follow.

  • Please adhere to all local rules and regulations when sand or element collecting.
  • Take as little as possible, we only need a soda cap's full.
  • Please declare any material you bring or send into the U.S.: PURE OCEAN SAND
  • Sand CANNOT contain any organic matter (soil, sticks, seaweed, etc.)
  • We recommend suspending sand in a glass of water, discard anything that floats, dry it out and send away.
  • Download here the Sand & Elements Submittal Form to include with ALL “send your own sand” orders.

Sand Received

All excess sand sent/delivered to Dune Jewelry shall remain the sole property of Dune Jewelry Inc. unless otherwise instructed.

Submit Your Own Sand

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