Here at Dune Jewelry we craft each and every single piece by hand using the sand of your choice. Handmade means our process takes times and while we guarantee everything to ship within 3 weeks, we promise that time is well worth it for the quality you’ll receive. Most importantly, that process is carefully crafted by our team of Sand Artists,™ and we’d like too introduce you to what makes them so special.

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From Dancers to Flutists and more, each of our Sand Artists™ come from different creative backgrounds to help others cherish their memories through our two different processes. Their medium is more than sand from thousands of locations; it’s where YOU spend your summers or where YOU said your vows. A Sand Artist™ is trained extensively to lovingly recreate your time in the sand and the sun.

Here are a few of our Sand Artist’s™ favorite things about their jobs, and also their favorite Dune pieces:

Lauren Behning


“As a Sand Artist you feel a responsibility to make every piece as beautiful as possible, because it’s more than JUST jewelry. I love my Sandbar Necklace filled with sand I collected in Austria. While that adventure is gone, every time I wear my necklace it feels a bit more tangible.”

– Lauren – National Sand Artist


“I just started but the environment is relaxing. It’s soothing to work sand and jewelry and making it beautiful. I like the Wine Stoppers because you can see a lot of sand, like the pretty sand from Wingaersheek in Gloucester.”

– Yvonne – Our Newest Sand Artist





“We have the job of preserving the memory, you have the job of going to the beach and getting us sand! I like the Sandollar Necklace, in gold, because I love gold. I wear mine with Pfeiffer Beach in California because it has purple tones to it.”

– Mekah – Senior Sand Artist