Vacation Jewelry captures the beach

Vacation Jewelry Island Necklace

Warm, turquoise water and soft sand – coming soon!

So I used to daydream about traveling to Laos and partaking in the Gibbon experience where I could live in trees and witness the behavior of Gibbons in their natural habitat.  Fast forward 10 years and two babies, I look for any destination with a warm beach that Jet Blue can take me to directly in less than 4 hours.

beachside memories

IMG_2003When Eric and I decided it was time for our first family vacation with both girls I enjoyed a week of daydreaming.  I excitedly took to Trip Advisor and looked at Belize, Europe, Japan…thinking how awesome it would be to experience something brand new with my family – trying to convince myself somehow that my two year old would enjoy the journey.  As my inner pragmatist overtook my inner adventurer I realized that what I really needed was somewhere warm, fun and easy to get to.  I decided we would go back to St. Thomas.  We were there about 3 years ago when Alexa was still a baby and I was pregnant with Lyla.  Eric and I had an amazing time snorkeling with Queen Angelfish and kayaking in the crystal clear water while Alexa loved playing in the sand and running from the small waves.  It was paradise.


mom Vacation Jewelry

family memoriesI packed my Beach Vacation Jewelry

In April we’ll be heading back there and apparently our excitement was contagious because now we’re going with Alexa, Lyla, my mother-in-law Debbie and 4 of our closest friends.  We’ll relax for a few days and then we’ve rented a boat called the El Toro for a day.  We will leave from Sapphire Bay and cruise around the Virgin Islands visiting St. Croix and St. John.  I can’t wait to finally make my way to the Soggy Dollar in Jost Van Dyke.  I’ve been creating jewelry with beach sand from The Soggy Dollar for FIVE years and now I finally get to see it in person.  I tell Eric all the time that crafting jewelry and touching the energy from all of these beaches around the world will eventually bring us there in our travels.  Now it’s happening.

Vacation Jewelry filled with sand
camping memories

I’ll be taking lots of pictures, collecting some beautiful sand and capturing each and every memory for the girls with a new piece of Dune that I’ll put away and save for them so they can wear it when they’re older.

I’d love to hear some of your beach stories from this winter.  Email me at and share your “sand story”.  We may decide to feature you in a future blog and if we do, you’ll win a $200 Dune Gift Card.  I hope to hear from you soon!

 Holly Daniels Christensen – Founder/Designer